A Summary and Review of When by Daniel Pink

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  1. beginnings, endings, and in between
  2. synching and thinking
  1. Moving beats stationary: taking a 5-minute walk every hour can improve mood, reduce feelings of fatigue, increase motivation and concentration, and enhance creativity.
  2. Social beats solo: there’s a power in being with others when you take breaks.
  3. Outside beats inside: nature breaks seem to replenish us most.
  4. Fully detached beats semi-detached: 99% of individuals can’t multitask. When we take a break, it’s important to fully take a break rather than check text messages or talk about work. Psychological and physical detachment from work are both crucial.

My Review:

  • I would give When by Daniel Pink an 82/100.
  • I found the book to be both fascinating and informative. I had never considered how something like time of day can impact my life in significant ways.
  • Pink was able to deliver actionable recommendations that improved my life. As a result of reading this book, I also gained a better understanding of how we’re each unique with regards to when we function at our best.

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