A Summary and Review of Essentialism by Greg McKeown

My Takeaways and Opinion on Essentialism

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Part I: Essence: What is the core mind-set of an Essentialist

Choose: The Invincible Power of Choice

Discern: The Unimportance of Practically Everything

Trade-Off: Which Problem Do I Want?

Part II: Explore: How can we discern the trivial many from the vital few?

Escape: The Perks of Being Unavailable

Look: See What Really Matters

Play: Embrace the Wisdom of your Inner Child

Sleep: Protect the Asset

Select: The Power of Extreme Criteria

Part III: Eliminate: How can we cut out the trivial many?

Clarify: One Decision That Makes a Thousand

Dare: The Power of a Graceful “No”

Uncommit: Win Big by Cutting Your Losses

Edit: The Invisible Art

Limit: The Freedom of Setting Boundaries

Part IV: Execute: How can we make doing the vital few things almost effortless?

Buffer: The Unfair Advantage

Subtract: Bring Forth More by Removing Obstacles

Progress: The Power of Small Wins

Flow: The Genius of Routine

Focus: What’s Important Now?

Be: The Essentialist Life


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